Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sweet Sundays: Chocolate Scones


2011-11-06 16.20.58

AHHHH it is Sunday again.  I apologize for not being around last weekend.  The weekend just seemed to get away from me.  We had our family pictures taken for the first time in 4 years and then there was all of the Halloween festivities we were attending.  Halloween seemed to last a lot longer than usual this year.  The kids had their parties at school on Friday and Trick-or-Treating was on Monday.  It certainly was an amazing feet keeping the Halloween costumes together in one piece over the weekend.  I had a 1920’s mobster, an apple tree and the lead singer from the band My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way, this year for Halloween (ok, so the youngest, he is 6, his favorite band is My Chemical Romance).  I certainly have strange children.

2011-11-06 16.20.21 

Chocolate Scones- this has to be one of the easiest recipes I have ever made.  I had Gabriel help me with this one, because his dad and his older brother were watching an “big kid” movie and his sister had to play her clarinet and piano.  I had to keep him out the living room and her bedroom.  Not an easy accomplishment.  So we made these scones. 

2011-11-06 16.22.42

I found this recipe in the cookbook “1001 cupcakes, cookies and other tempting treats.  I have made a few of the recipes from this book and everything has turned out really yummy.  My favorite part of the book is the international section.  I can’t wait until I have time to do a few week series on the different kinds of cookies in the world.  I have provided links to the other recipes from this cookbook at the bottom of the page.  The scones have the perfect amount of sweetness in them.  Not too sweet but just a hint.  There is only 1 tablespoon of sugar in the entire recipe.  I think you really get the flavor of the chocolate that way.  The texture of a scone is a bit drier than a biscuit or a muffin.  It can easily be dunked in milk, tea or coffee. 

They are delicious no matter which way you choose to eat them.