Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sweet Sunday: Salted Caramel Brownie



I think I have a problem.  Starting a diet makes me crave everything thing that I can’t have.  I mean, my diet started twenty minutes ago, I am craving potato chips.  Seriously it is almost instant.  I can go months without eating potato chips, but the minute I say to myself, “Ok self you are going to eat healthier and exercise and do yourself good”, the cravings start to happen. It isn’t always about salty things either chocolate and peanut butter have a way of derailing my “good for you” thoughts. 


Can I admit something?  I mean, please just keep this between you and me.  I have 46 cookbooks that tell me how to eat healthier.  46 of them.  They have have their own shelf on the book shelf and they stare at me all the time.  Use me, they say.  Open up the books and get your butt in shape, they implore.  One of these days I am actually going to listen to them.  Right now they are currently holding dust jackets and odd and ends and probably dust.  Yes, most definitely dust.


Well today I picked one up.  Cooking Light’s, “The Food Lover’s Healthy Habits Cookbook, by Janet Helm, RD.  I bought this book because of the concept.  The book is divided into 12 easy to follow steps on how to get healthier.  One concept per month, so you don’t over whelm yourself and lose track of what you are doing.  Craving something sweet and salty, I turned to the back of the book to the chapter “Eating Mindfully”. It caught my eye, because the pictures of dessert in it.  Salted Caramel Brownies to be exact.  Perfect!  Something salty and something sweet and get this, only 180 calories for a decadent brownie!

Ok, lets be realistic here.  It is all about moderation.  The brownies are baked in a 8x8 pan and you have to cut them into 20 servings, leaving you a brownie the size of your thumb nail.  A small brownie after a healthy meal is an indulgence, but what an indulgence it is.  My plan is to package the brownies into individual servings and then put them in freezer, so the pan isn’t staring me in the face.  Just knowing they are in there is a comfort.  Of course I have to dodge the Girl Scout cookies in there too.


Friday, April 5, 2013

Mexican Bubble Pizza



When the cats away the mice will play.  At least that is how it is in our house.  When the hubby’s away I see it as my chance to feed the children stuff we normally we don’t eat and recipes that I know he doesn’t like.  It is a win-win situation for both of us.  He doesn’t have to pretend to like the what I make and the kids get to try something new.  Do you see my logic? 


Today’s recipe is one that has always perplexed me.  I can’t figure out why the hubby doesn’t like it.  It is so super delicious and all the ingredients go really well together! I found the recipe for Mexican Bubble Pizza in an old cookbook.  “Pillsbury Best Family Meals from the Bake-Off” (volume 264 February 2003).  It is a handy cookbook that I picked up in the check out lane quite a long time ago.  The recipes were featured in the annual bake off contest Pillsbury holds every year.  A lot of the recipes are quick and easy for a weeknight meal.  Pillsbury products, such as biscuits, crescents, and pie crust take center stage in most of the recipes.  You can easily find these cookbooks in garage sales, yards sales and cheap stacks.  These cookbooks are jewels!


This delicious recipe says it serves 8 people, but I have a teenage son and he helped himself to three of the servings, so you might need to double he recipe. The biscuits lend a sweetness to the pizza and everyone fights over the crust. My kids like lettuce and tomato, but you could add chopped avocados, cilantro or black olives too.  Please try this recipe tonight.  I guarantee, it will become hopefully everyone in your family’s favorite.