Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sweet Sunday and a Happy Father’s Day!




Thanks Dad.  Really.  For your laughter, your silliness and your sweetness.  Thank you for teaching my children the value of just letting loose and being who they really want to be.  Thank you for engaging me in a really good argument every now and again.  Not a serious one, just one to prove to you that I can be witty and have a reason behind my beliefs too.  Thank you for always looking out for me and letting me still be your little girl.


I brought home from the farmer’s market a pound of strawberries and a pound of rhubarb and I had the perfect vessel to carry them.  Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp.  I found this delicious, waftable recipe in the “Back in the Day Bakery” cookbook.  This cookbook has become one of the mainstays in my library.  If I am looking for something sweet and tasty and something a little “down home”, I turn to this book.  I love the vintage dishes Cheryl and Griffeth Day (authors) use to present the dishes.  Makes me feel like home or a home where I would like to go.


I made this dessert with the intention of having my father enjoy it on Father’s Day when he came over for dinner.  I don’t think it’s going to make until then.  The crust on this crisp is so yummy!  It tastes like I baked an oatmeal cookie on top of the gooey filling.  If no one was watching I would pick just the topping off.  Ok, so the filling is absolutely fabulous too!  Living in Michigan gives me the pleasure of having access to fresh strawberries that are at their peek in June.  Strawberries from Michigan are the sweetest, tastiest, berries anywhere.  For real.

Please enjoy this on Father’s Day or any day for that matter.  Tell your dads and granddads how much you appreciate them.  To my husband as well, thank you.  For being a wonderful dad.

Here is a link for another recipe from the “Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook”:


Friday, June 14, 2013

Dark Chocolate and Salted Peanut Butter Ice Cream!!!!!!!!



I thought that would get your attention!  It is summer again and I dusted off the ice cream maker.  I know.  Not everyone has an ice cream maker and everyone likes quick and easy recipes.  Don’t you worry, there are plenty of quick and easy recipes to follow. 

So the school year ended and the long days of summer are upon us.  Farmers markets and food stands have both opened.  Time to get out and enjoy the gorgeous colors of the day and the smell of growing things in the air.  I have a small garden this year that I am trying to tend too.  I have tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, red peppers and a bunch of herbs.  Let’s see how long they last before either I or the bunnies kill them.  I will keep you posted.


So……..We all know that I am a sucker for anything and everything chocolate and peanut butter.  I can see you all nodding your heads.  “Yes Sara, you love chocolate and peanut butter.  Trust us we know.”  Well there is no reason to be snippy.  Just kidding.  This recipe was found in my “Joy the Baker Cookbook”.  I have made a few things of Joy’s and they have all turned out super delicious.  The cookbook is a great read and you can pick  any recipes out and you know it will be fantastic.  I have links to the other recipes at the bottom and I encourage you to try them all.  If you would rather follow along with me that’s’ fine too!  Just sit back and enjoy! Stay tuned for a fantastic summer!!!!!!!