Friday, March 29, 2013

100th Post and Chicken Pot Pie!!!!




Yep! It’s the one-hundredth post!!!!!  Thank you all who have joined me for this ride.  I love writing and cooking and I love that you share these passions with me.  Please stay with me for the next one hundred!  Who knows were it will take us!!

One of my most favorite dinners as of late, is a simple roast chicken dinner, complete with mashed potatoes and gravy.  Such a simple yet elegant dinner!  It is so easy, I bake two chickens at the same time.  We (the family) eat one chicken and I save the other chicken for later in the week.  Roasting chicken at home is a cheap and easy dinner.  It does take an afternoon, but the end result couldn’t be more delicious!  I will post a blog in a few days about chicken roasting techniques.  I wanted to show you what can be done with the end result! 


I love a good chicken pot pie.  To make a perfect chicken pot pie you need three things.  A great crust, a good chicken and, if possible, great friends to share it with.  This chicken pot pie is a modification of a recipe I found on Martha  The original recipe was a double-crusted chicken pot pie, but the filling made so much.  I converted it to a great big pot pie with lots of crust on top.  It also called for pearled onions, but I substituted a chopped onion instead.  You can make chicken pot pie however you would like, it really is simple.

The crust (my favorite part) happens to be my go- to crust that I have been using.  It too is a Martha Stewart recipe.  You can find the link for the pie crust below.  Please take the time to make this delicious dish.  There is nothing like a Saturday spent with friends, smelling this wafting from the oven and sharing it over good stories!  Thank you Laura!!!!!


Pate Brisee-  Perfect pie crust-  Please follow the link and scroll to the recipe portion of the sight.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sweet Sundays: Browned Butter Blackberry Muffins



I believe one of the greatest smells in the world is melted butter.  Melted butter for lobster.  Garlic and butter.  The Chex mix concoction with Worcestershire smell sends me over the moon. Ok, I can give you many reasons why melted butter smells amazing.  These muffins will be the only one from now on.   That is why I made these muffins.


This recipe comes from Joy the Baker.  Joy the Baker is an amazing baker who has fantastic ideas. Her cookbook is one of my favorites.  It’s like she crawled into my head and plucked out every one of my favorite things.  This isn’t the first recipe I made of hers.  Please see the link below to check out the others and give her blog a checking out.  In the “Joy the Baker” cookbook the original recipe is called “Browned Butter Blueberry Muffins”.  I had blackberries on hand so that is what I decided to use. 


Ok, so I admit, I have never browned butter before.  So I was a bit nervous.  It does take constant attention to your stove because it the process can go from perfect to gross in a matter of seconds.  So make sure no one is bothering you. You’ve gone to the bathroom and fed everyone before you start this recipe.  Don’t let this deter you from making these.  It is all easy

after the butter is finished.  Once you smell these muffins baking in your house, you will thank me for helping you push your limits.

Please give these a try!  Enjoy!


Here is the link to Joy the Baker


Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Saturdays: Casual Dining At It’s Finest


Oh!  I am so glad you have come back!  You have become quite a regular customer around here.  Let me show you to your table.  Oh?  You only have a few minutes to eat?  We have just the thing.  Something simple and easy, yet elegant and sophisticated.  Please be prepared to have your taste buds tingled and your belly warmed.  Enjoy.


Saturdays are turning out to be my favorite day of the week.  I love to cook (obviously), but what I love so much about cooking is the great joy I feel when I can share, not only what I create but my passion for it as well.  My dearest friend Jared, (the one going to culinary school) and I practice his homework together.  For his lab class he had a test to see how many slices he could get out of a tomato.  So he practiced…..and then we made homemade tomato soup.


Now, some people say that man can not dine on soup alone, (not quite the saying) so what goes with tomato soup better than grilled cheese? Now mind you this wasn’t your everyday tomato soup.  So you can’t have your everyday grilled cheese. 

Tonight’s menu

Tomato and Garlic Bread Soup with a Parmesan Frico

Sweet Apple and Prosciutto Sandwiches with Camembert and Raspberry Jam.

Please enjoy our hospitality and we hope your bellies are warmed and filled.  Please join us again.

We love having you.


If you want any of the recipes please comment in below and I would be happy to send them to you.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sweet Sundays: Peanut Butter Cup Rice Krispies




Pinterest is inspiring.  Pinterest is creative.  Pinterest is….ADDICTIVE!  I love nothing more than to pin endless desserts and shoes that I will never make or can’t afford to buy.  I am being serious here.  I can kill an hour, perhaps two mindlessly pinning.  Ideas abound, a plethora of visions that would have never occurred to me, but now I can’t live with out. 


Peanut butter Cup Rice Krispies nearly sent me over the edge.  I seriously can’t make these and have them in the house.  I have to give them away or I will eat the entire pan.  Stop laughing.  I am not joking.  I pinned the link a few months ago.  Every once in a while, when I scroll through my pins/hours of my day, this recipe catches my eye.  A gooey sweet, salty treat that begs to be eaten.  You can’t eat just one square.  I would suggest cutting this dessert into small squares so it doesn’t look like you are eating too many of them.  Now I will share it with you, so you can be addicted and understand my problem.  Chocolate and peanut butter, a divine amalgamation.