Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sweet Sunday: Banoffee Pie



What the whaaah?  That was exactly my thought when I saw a few recipes for this blog post.  Banoffee pie, Banoffee ice cream, Banoffee brownies…….  I completely skimmed over the recipes.  I didn’t even read the ingredients.  I had already figured out what the word meant.  My thought was, bananas and coffee equals yuck!  Doesn’t’ that makes sense?  Bananas and coffee right Banoffee!  Nope.

It’s bananas and toffee.  Silly me.

Let me revisit this recipe again, with a whole other out look.  Bananas and toffee makes much more sense and most definitely something much more delicious.  What is Banoffee pie, you ask?  Banoffee pie is an English dessert created in the 1970’s by an restaurant owner in the Sussex region of England. This totally makes sense to me now, because the cookbooks I found for Banoffee pie were Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson, two very English chefs.  In the United States the dish seems to be growing in popularity especially because it is so easy to make!!!!

IMG_2642.JPG (2)

The original recipe for Banoffee pie calls for a can of sweetened condensed milk, put into a pot and covered with water and boil for three hours.  The result of this chemistry magic is something called dulce de leche.  Dulce de leche can now be purchased at the store and it works just fine in this pie.  If you would like to attempt to make dulce de leche yourself, please be careful.  It is dangerous.  You have to keep the can of sweetened condensed milk completely submerged, or the can might explode.  Just buy the stuff at the store.  You will be eating your pie quicker.

IMG_2623.JPG (2) Dulce De Leche

Another ingredient you might not have used before are digestive biscuits.  These cookies are a British import.  I found mine in the international food aisle at the grocery store.  Here is a picture of them.   They taste like graham crackers.

IMG_2616 Digestive Biscuits

Please give this a try and let me know in the comments if you guys have heard of this before.  It is now one of my favorites.  My kids loved it and it so easy to make.  Banoffee pie is a winner in my house.  Its super rich and delicious and a special treat for sure.





Banoffee Pie


Please try to make your own whip cream for this recipe.  The ingredients are so simple and it give it a little extra touch of something special.

Ingredients are given as estimates to my metric conversions

250grams/9 ounces (half a pack) digestive biscuits

100grams/4 ounces (half a stick) butter, melted

400grams/14 ounces (1 can) dulce de leche

2 bananas, peeled and sliced

1 cup heavy cream

2 ounces dark chocolate, for shaving over the top of the pie.

A knob of butter to coat the spring form pan.


1.  In a food processor, pulverize the digestive biscuits to fine crumbs.

2.  Add the melted butter and blitz again.


3.  Press the biscuit mixture into the bottom and half way up the sides of the prepared spring form pan.


4.  Refrigerate for 1/2 hour to set.

IMG_2622.JPG (2)

5.  Make the whip cream.  Add the cream to a bowl of an electric mixer and whip on medium-high speed until you have soft peaks.  You don’t need to add any sweetener here, because the pie is very sweet.

6.  Take you crust out of the refrigerator and spread the gooey dulce de leche all over the bottom.


7.  Place your bananas on top of the pie.


8.  Cover your pie in whipped cream.


9.  Grate the chocolate over the top of the pie.


10.  DEVOUR!!!!!


  1. I had to read this to see how you made and liked a banana/coffee pie - you're not the only one! Banana + toffee sounds so much better! :) Maybe another word blend would work better? Tofana? No...that sounds like tofu + banana! Ewwww...

    1. Hehe.... It was really delicious! Thank you for reading and commenting..maybe I will make one for you!