Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Saturdays


“How many in your party? Four? Thank-you.  Please follow me to your table.” “Welcome to The Saturdays.  Our specials tonight are on the menu below.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Tonight you are in for a treat.  The chefs have prepared something special for you………..”

The idea started with the quest to learn more about cooking and what flavors go well together.  My dearest friend, Jared, is enrolled in the culinary arts and I am going along for the ride.  A few years ago I had decided that I wanted to do the same, but life keeps getting in the way so I am happy to watch Jared as he succeeds.  I think I get the best part of the deal.  I can hear all about his adventures without the stress, but with all of the taste tests.  The idea is, every few Saturdays we get together and pretend we are chefs. All day long we shop and prepare an amazing meal for some lucky guests.  We in turn get to practice different cooking techniques and use ingredients we have never used. All the guests have to do is enjoy the food.  If they don’t enjoy something that is ok too.  We are here to learn.

So on our first Saturday this is what we prepared.  Please enjoy.


Salade: Arugula,blood orange, feta cheese and strawberries with a roasted walnut shallot vinegrette and candied bacon.



Plat Principal: Roasted pork tenderloin with balsamic chestnut glaze


Accutremant: Potato gratin with cream and fresh herbs


Dessert: Sauteed bananas with cardamom and praline sauce


We did use a cookbook for inspiration.  The recipes for the pork and the gratin were found in “Bon Appetite Fresh Food Fast”, by Barbara Fairchild.  The constructed salad was Jared’s creation.  The bananas and praline came straight from the culinary school Jared attends.  The dinner was absolutely amazing.  We had four adult and three children diners in attendance.  Each gave their own constructive review of the menu.

Thank-you for dining at The Saturdays.  We hope that you have enjoyed the meal and will come back soon.  Make sure to make reservations, there is limited seating.  The chefs would love to prepare something extraordinary for you.

*If you would like the recipes, please comment below and I will send them to you.

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