Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Very Sweet Sunday Indeed…….



I had the best day yesterday.  I baked. I baked in morning.  I baked in the afternoon and I baked into the night.  I love baking.  My favorite thing about baking is not the process itself, but watching the end product bring a smile to the face of the person eating it.  I love it. I love watching people eat my food.  Especially my mother.  She is so expressive when she eats.  My mother thinks about what she is eating and the flavors in her mouth.  If she isn’t sure about something she shakes her head as she chews, thinking about her review in her head.  She and my husband are my greatest critics.  They both tell my how it is.  Good or bad.  In the end it’s weird.  I just love watching people eat.


Coconut Macaroon Bars

No recipe for today.  I will have plenty this week.  My kitchen still needs to be cleaned up from yesterdays baking escapade.  In between church services we have coffee fellowship and I signed to bring in the treats and goodies.  The post from last Sunday, (the Triple Chocolate Bread) was served today along with a host of delicious treats.  I tried to pick a variety of flavors for every one to experience.  In the weeks to come I will post recipes for all the items pictured here.  Except the Chocolate Chip Toffee Cookies.  Those are a secret family recipe.  (If you post a comment below, maybe we’ll talk about getting the recipe too you.)


Browned Butter Blueberry Mini-Muffins

Here is a link to the Triple Chocolate Bread Sweet Sunday: Triple-Chocolate Bread.


Triple Chocolate Bread

Enjoy the goodies and I will see you Tuesday with another Easy Week Night dinner!


Raspberry Almond Mini-Muffins


Buttermilk Frangipane Pound Cake


Chocolate Toffee Nut Cookies (Best Chocolate Chip Cookies you will ever have.



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